Missing Link

Missing Link


Bernie’s Missing Link™ (patent #6,945,241B2) is a pure back tension triggerless release. It has a patented “link” between the head and the handle that allows the archer to draw with the handle disengaged from the head, thus allowing full draw to be reached without worrying about misfires. Once at full draw, the handle is simply rotated until it drops into a slot which “links” the head to the handle and makes it fully operational. Once the link is made, back tension can be used to fire the release. The Missing Link™ comes with a .010 Click-Cam on one side but can be reversed to the non-clicker side. 

This release is also equipped with patented micro-adjustable Dial-a Cam™ and Cam-Loc™ features for easy “idiot-proof” cam adjustment. This patented external dial makes cam adjustment a 5 second maneuver instead of a 5 minute nightmare. It eliminates the guesswork on setting the travel or “speed” of the release.

Bernie’s Missing Link™ also has a new spring system (replaces the previous rubberband system) called A.R.M. (Auto Reset Mechanism) which automatically returns the head to the “ready to load” position after firing. The release hooks directly to your D-loop and also has a knurled thumb barrel that is offset for more adjustability.

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