Bernie Pellerite


President of Robinhood Video Productions Inc., world’s largest producer of instructional archery videos.

Producer, director, author, staff writer, seminar speaker, archery analyst, inventor and professional archery coach.

Director and creator of NFAA’s Mobile National Shooter’s School

Chairman NFAA National Certified Instructor Committee


  Member:           National Field Archery Association (NFAA)

                                 National Archery Association (NAA)

                                 Florida Archery Association (FAA)

                                 Safari Club International (SCI)

                                 International Bowhunting Organization (IBO)

                                 Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA)

                                 American Mensa Society

  Past Member:   National Rifle Association (NRA)

                                 Browning Advisory Pro Staff

                                 Professional Archery Association (PAA)

                                 Outdoor Writer’s Association (OWA)


         St. Joseph Catholic High School, Huntington, WV…college prep.

         Marshall University…psychology major, pre-law

         Member of MENSA Society (top 1% in I.Q.)


         Author of Idiot Proof Archery – How to Shoot Like a Pro – Step by Step,” considered the most in-depth book on archery ever written. A 352 page hardcover book with 347 photos and diagrams

         Producer, writer, and director of 37 instructional video tapes marketed in the U.S. and 34 other countries

         Produced, wrote and starred in the 6 tape video series of the N.F.A.A. Mobile Shooter’s School

         Produced and directed (starred in 2)  the 9 tape Master Coach Seminar Series.

         Founder and director of the mobile N.F.A.A. National Shooter’s School.

         Certified 1,000 instructors and recruited new members for N.F.A.A. in conjunction with the mobile Shooter’s School

         Has achieved NFAA Advanced Certification level I, II, III, IV and Master Coach National Level I, II, III and Pro Level IV.

         NAA Basic Level Instructor

         Chairman of the Certified Instructor committee – author of the new 12 step, 3 tiered CI program for NFAA.

         Conducted numerous back tension, tournament nerves, buck fever and target panic seminars, including at the AMO Trade Show, ASA World, IBO World, N.F.A.A. Indoor Nationals, The Vegas Shoot, and Bowhunting Expo

         NFAA Certified Instructor Committee Chairman, Coordinator and Instructor at first NFAA Master Coach school

         Published writer/technical editor of technical and informational articles for 8 North American magazines… Petersen’s Bowhunting, 3-D & Target, Bow & Arrow Hunting, NFAA’s Archery, American Bowhunter, Canadian Bowhunting, U.S. Archer, and 3-D Times.

         Published in 8 foreign publications: England (2), Japan, South Africa, Australia, Austria, Germany and Hungary

         Writer on a regular basis for 3 U.S. magazines… NFAA’s ArcheryU.S. and International Archer, and Bowhunting World.

         10 animals in the top 10 of Safari Club International’s World Bowhunting Record Book, currently including  #2 Elk, #2 Red Deer, #9 Axis Deer, #4 Ibex, #7 Sika Deer, #3 Catalina Goat (pending) and #5, #6, #9, and #10 European Mouflon sheep in the 1995 Record Book.

         Winner of 13 medallion awards for Safari Club International

         Owned and operated a successful pro shop and indoor range for 3 years in Ocala, Fl.

         8 time NFAA State Champion Archer (indoor, outdoor, & 3D)

         Archery Staff Shooter for three bow manufacturers

          Involved with research and development for two archery accessory companies

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