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Bernie’s  Missing Link™

Back Tension Release (Pat.Pend)

Bernie’sMissing Link™ is a pure back tension release and can be used with 3 or 4 fingers (with and without the “pinkie”). It has a new patent pending “link” between the head and the handle that allows the archer to draw with the handle disengaged from the head, thus allowing full draw to be reached without worrying about misfires. Once at full draw, the handle is simply rotated until it drops into a slot which “links” the head to the handle and makes it fully operational. Once the link is made, back tension can now be used to fire the release. The Missing Link™ can be used with or without the Click-Cam™ (notch in the half-moon cam) and comes in two sizes – Regular or Jumbo.
    This release is equipped with patent pending micro-adjustable Dial-a-Cam™ and Cam-Loc™ features for easy “idiot-proof” cam adjustment. It totally eliminates the guesswork on setting the “travel” or “speed” of the release. Bernie’sMissing Link™ also has a new patent pending system called A.R.M.™ (Auto Reset Mechanism) which automatically returns the head to the “ready to load” position after firing. Includes complete written instructions.


NEW !!!

Bernie’s  E-Z Back
Back Tension Release (Pat.Pend)

Bernie’sE-Z Back™ comes in 2 sizes — Regular and Jumbo, and 2 handle designs —  3 or 4 finger (with or without the “pinkie”.) This is a pure back tension release that can be shot with a Click-Cam™ (notch in the cam) or without, and has unique patent pending features designed to help with age-old shooting problems. The patent pending handle design allows all 5 fingers to be involved in drawing to anchor without fear of premature firing or “bloody noses”, which has been inherent with most other triggerless releases. It enables the shooter to draw the bow without having to cock or rotate the wrist, or having to draw with the index finger and thumb only, to keep it from misfiring. With the E-Z Back™, at full draw, simply drop the index finger down into the firing position, release some pressure from the thumb, and then rotate your elbow behind your head (about 1 inch) using the back muscles only. The E-Z Back™ will fire without wrist movement or “cranking” the handle. In the past, to use back tension, these type releases had to be set so quick that premature releases were common … hence the “bloody nose” or “mouth buster” reputation. Most shooters then had to set them much slower with a lot of travel in the handle (for safety). This forced them to “assist” back tension by rotating the handle, which eliminated the surprise release. This technique developed into a controlled punch instead of real back tension. Bernie says, “Archers everywhere are using their wrist, hand or fingers, not their back muscles, to set off their releases … this defeats the whole purpose! These new releases will eliminate anticipation once and for all and raise their scores substantially.” This release is equipped with patent pending micro-adjustable Dial-a-Cam™ and Cam-Loc™ features for easy “idiot-proof” cam adjustment. It totally eliminates the guesswork on setting the “travel” or “speed” of the release. Bernie’sE-Z Back™ also has a new patent pending system called A.R.M.™ (Auto Reset Mechanism) which automatically returns the head to the “ready to load” position after firing. Includes complete written instructions.


Cures Target Panic & Punching the Trigger

This exciting innovative product was created through the collaboration of two great innovators, Bernie Pellerite and the late Bill Scott. Bernie, president of Robinhood Videos, is also an archery analyst who writes for several magazines and is the director and instructor of the very popular NFAA mobile Shooter’s School. Through years of owning a pro shop and teaching thousands of archers, most of whom had target panic, Bernie realized the value of the triggerless “back tension release” in curing his students’ target panic.

Unfortunately, not everybody had the dedication or patience to master it. Most people take a minimum of 6 months (and a good dental plan!) to master the triggerless releases. A very large percentage of the shooters still prefer an index finger release. But, as most people have found, it’s nearly impossible for the shooters to maintain a “surprise” release with the index finger activating the trigger. Before long, they’re flinching, punching or jerking the trigger, or have some other form of target panic. The back tension release, which cannot be anticipated like the trigger type releases, seemed to be the only answer.

Well, now you’re FINALLY IN LUCK!!! Bernie’s CAN’T PUNCH™ brings you the best of both worlds and it is easier and quicker to master. Bill Scott teamed up with Bernie to produce the ultimate “weapon” for wrist caliper fans. Bernie analyzed the problem with the index-finger/target-panic problem and designed a “CAN’T PUNCH” panic-proof feature, called the “Captivator©”, that has been incorporated into the Scott Mongoose, Lil’ Goose and “Ole Faithful” rope head releases.

This release “captures” and deactivates the tip of the index finger. By squeezing on the “Captivator©” with the index finger, it neutralizes the pre-programmed punching reflex. The user must relax and expand the rest of the finger, the back of the hand, wrist, and forearm by squeezing the back muscles together, which causes the 2nd joint of the index finger to flatten out slightly. This then contacts the real trigger, setting off the release, without conscious thought . . . a truly surprise release! If the shooter puts more pressure on the “Captivator©” in an attempt to punch it, then the middle joint of the finger actually arches and lifts off the trigger and the release cannot fire! You virtually have to set it off with back tension and a relaxed and expanded draw arm/wrist/hand/finger unit, or it won’t go off! The only way to “punch” this release is to take your index finger off the “Captivator©” and consciously punch the real trigger, like any other index finger release. If you’re going to do that, then you’ve wasted your money!

There is a choice of 3 head types, 2 strap types and 1 color.

(small single jaw caliper – left)

(large single jaw caliper – center)

(rope head – right)

Available on either VELCRO or BUCKLE
(special straps are also available.) Call for availability!

You MUST specify: LEFT or RIGHT hand.

Available in black only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy just the Captivator©?

A: Sorry, the answer is no, for several good reasons: We made an agreement with Bill Scott that we would not sell the Captivator© triggers separately. If we did, they could end up on any other brand of release (that it might fit) on the market. Scott Archery would then lose out on the sale of a release. 2.) They are drilled, tapped and attached directly to the Scott release at their factory. Placement is critical as to where it is located on the release. If it is attached too far forward, too far back, or off to the side, it will not work properly. How would we make sure that your release is drilled in the exact place, without damaging the inside mechanism? (Anyway, how many people do you know that have the resources to drill and tap something?)

Q: Can I hunt with this release?

A: Absolutely! We have several people (including a 7 year old!) that have harvested everything from cougars to antelope in Africa.

Q: After I’ve conquered my punching problem with this release, should I go back to my old release?

A: This is NOT just a training aid to break you of your punching problem. You can go back to your old release, but we don’t advise it. Chances are, when you get under pressure, you’ll end up punching the trigger again. There is no reason to stop using this release! Since it’s manufactured by Scott, it should last you a lifetime.We have many, many success stories from people who have been helped by the Bernie’s CAN’T PUNCH™. Give it a try!

Paul Cybart, Dunkirk, NY writes:

Dear Bernie,
        My form of target panic was freezing. It surfaced when I changed from using pins to a scope for 3-D. This led me to get a back tension release. It’s amazing how my affliction with freezing totally disappears when using it. However, at first I failed to have confidence in using it outdoors for 3-D, so I would go back to using a regular caliper release . . . and the freezing would resurface. The first time I used the back tension release, I liked it! The second time I used it . . . I shot my best score ever! Then I used it for the first time on a 3-D course at the North Coast Challenge Triple Crown in Conneaut, NY. My son shot the first arrow on target number one. It was a good one; binocular confirmation looked like it was an X (in the middle of the ten). So, I held on his arrow and released. It was a good one, too! When it hit, we heard what we thought was an arrow slap. When we got closer, it was more than that . . . it was a robinhood! Anyway, I used that new back tension release again at a local 3-D event and finished with a 288 out of 300.
        The new release I bought was one of your Bernie’s Can’t Punch wrist strap caliper models. Be assured that I will be promoting and recommending this release.

Thanks, again,Paul Cybart

Tommy Ray, Dixmont, ME

(age 8) had target panic so bad, he was unable to draw his bow. With the help of Bernie’s Can’t Punch Release and his dad, Tom (a shooter school graduate), he was cured and has gone on to win many tournaments. At the World IBO Championships he finished with (a perfect score) 100 points with 9 out of 10 X’s, and a robinhooded arrow! He also went to Africa with his dad and harvested 3 warthogs and an impala with his Can’t Punch Release.



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