Dealers /Distributors

Dealer and Distributor inquiries are welcome!

For price and availability, please call or write.

We will be happy to give you pricing information, with proper I.D., when you contact us.


Our policy defines anyone that advertises our products to the public is a dealer and therefore will pay dealer prices. Anyone who sells to dealers and does not advertise to the public is a distributor and pays distributor prices. Distributors may not resell our product to other distributors or dealers for the purpose of circumventing this policy, or to re-supply our product at a lower price than a vendor is entitled to, under this policy.INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:

Please contact us for pricing via fax or e-mail.

All orders overseas must be pre-paid.

Most orders will be sent out Air Parcel Post, unless otherwise specified.

Payment may be made in full, in U.S. dollars by bank-to-bank wire. Please add $45.00 for all wire transfers.

Contact us for bank information. (routing and account numbers, etc.)

We also accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards.

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Last modified: 05/12/03