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A Weekend At Bernie’s!

Certified Master Coaches 

Bernie & Jan Pellerite

•    The most advanced and accelerated archery program in the world today!•    The shooters that Bernie has worked with have won over 150 National and World Championships.•    Let Bernie teach you what “Idiot Proof” Archery can do for you!

Ted Nugent, bowhunting rock star, was freezing so bad he couldn’t put the pin on the chest of a whitetail buck. Bernie’s explanation of his proven program helped Ted overcome his buck fever. Ted calls it the “Detox Exorcism Program!”

Since 15 year old Chris Glass came to Bernie for private lessons, he has set two new world records and regularly shoots 300 with 57-59Xs. Bernie says, “He has the work ethic, maturity and focus that it takes to be one of the best shooters in the sport.”

Five time world professional 3-D champion, Joella Bates came for private lessons and spent “A weekend at Bernie’s.” She recently won the first jewel of the IBO Triple Crown in Bedford, Indiana by a wide margin. Before Bedford, she had just gotten back from Africa, where she became the first woman to harvest a Cape Buffalo with a bow! 

Curriculum is an accelerated program for Intermediate to Professional level shooters, and could include:

Practice regimen
Mental & Physical aiming
Tournament. pressure
Problem solving
Target panic/buck fever

Equipment Set-up
Holding Steady
Professional form
Judging yardage
Punching the trigger
Q & A sessions

Back Tension
Shot execution
Bow torque
Much, much more!

Subject matter may vary from 3-D to target shooting to bowhunting, and would include any or all of the above subjects, based upon request. Students will be videotaped shooting from 3 angles, including a laser shot, and later personally analyzed in slow motion. Students get to keep their videos for future reference.

Available for Seminars, Banquets & other Archery Functions
as keynote speaker — 1 to 5 hoursYour choice of subjects:Back Tension, Tournament Nerves, Target Panic (buck fever),
Arrow Penetration, Form Flaws, and dozens more!Rates (minimum 3 hours)1 PERSON
0 to 3 hours……………..$150 per hour
More than 3 hours…..$100 per hour2 OR MORE PEOPLEAdd $50 each additional person to above ratesMost People Are “Cured”
in 3-8 Hours!!!Above includes room and board and transportation
to and from Columbus, Ohio Airport (if necessary).1036 Arcaro Dr.
Gahanna, Oh. 43230
ph 614-933-0011  fax 614-933-0010

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